Orphans of Apollo


Orphans of Apollo examines the extraordinary true story of the ultimate start-up company,  MirCorp, a small group of American entrepreneurs who leased the Russian Mir space station in 2002 and helped launch the New Space Revolution.

This groundbreaking documentary chronicles the adventure of the boldest business plan the Earth has ever seen. MirCorp’s space station was an outpost intended to serve as the first phase of a trillion-dollar business that would have included the mining of asteroids and the colonization of outer space.

Join five brothers in arms as they board a private Gulf Stream jet, fly to Russia, butt head-to-head at the negotiating table, and ultimately close the most amazing business deal of the final frontier. Watch them as they struggle with issues of finance, branding, technology, and engage in the ultimate slugfest with some of the most powerful governments in the world. Can these dreamers replace the bureaucratic and governmental vision of space with a radically new vision of private enterprise developing the solar system for all of mankind?